Wellness Walks

Do you want to become a Hill & Moorland Leader?

Wellness Walks are looking for future leaders who want to take people out into the hills of the UK.

We have 10 subsidised places (50% off normal course cost) available on Hill & Moorland Leader Training courses this summer, successful applicants will also be offered additional free and subsidised courses (including assessment) in return for leading Wellness Walks in their chosen community. 

There is a short simple application process for a place on these courses.

Priority will be given to individuals who are from, or are specifically engaged, with communities that are under-represented in the outdoors.

The Hill & Moorland scheme offers access to a vast range of the UK’s landscapes – candidates are expected to be able to navigate and demonstrate leadership to the same level as Mountain Leaders – without requiring the need for movement on steep or rocky ground.

What's involved??

The Hill & Moorland Leader training course aims to develop the technical skills, judgements and areas of knowledge deemed necessary to ensure an individual is safe to do so.

Key Factors:

  • You’ll need to complete a short application form telling us why you should receive a subsidised place on this course.
  • You’ll need to commit to delivering a minimum of 4 Wellness Walks that are totally free for anyone feeling low.
  • If successful you must register for the award with Mountain Training  – we can’t assist you with this process as it’s your account and your registration. You’ll also need to join a Mountaineering Council (this is a Mountain Training Requirement. Participants must be 18+ years old & have a genuine interest in hill walking and the supervision of groups.
  • Attend a Hill & Moorland Training course – this is a 3-day course that’ll focus on introducing you to the syllabus & training you in the key skills – leadership, planning, navigation & emergency procedures – but it’ll also include some environmental knowledge, best practice tips & general “how to make it a great day out” tips. There’s an example  Training Course Program as a download further down this page.
  • Consolidation. This is what makes a great Hill & Moorland Leader – during the period between training & assessment your expected to practice the skills from training & gain more experience – whilst the syllabus says another 20 days we really can’t stress enough that the more days you have the easier assessment will be and the better leader you’ll make!
  • Attend a Hill & Moorland Assessment course. This is a 3-day assessment course – but it’s also another excellent learning opportunity – the more you’ve practiced the easier it’ll be – but there shouldn’t be any surprises – you’ll just be given lots of opportunities to demonstrate that you understand the syllabus and scope of the qualification and that you can put the skills from the training course and your consolidation into practice. There’s an example Assessment Course Program further down this page.
  • This last one isn’t strictly part of Hill & Moorland Leader – but we can’t issue you a “pass” unless you have attended & completed a 16hr+ Outdoor First Aid course – happily that’s a course we can also offer a subsidised place on.
  • We also need you to attend a one-day First Aid for Mental Health course before assessment – but there is no cost for this (apart from travel/accom.).
  • As this program is open to participants across the UK you should be aware you may have travel and accommodation costs that we can’t help with. Courses will be based in North Wales or the Lake District depending on applications. We may be able to assist with collection from train/bus stations.

Where could You use a Hill & Moorland Leader Qualification?

The Hill & moorland leader is able to head off path into areas of open access land – this opens up a huge amount of opportunities to lead people in a range of diverse landscapes. Typically these include:

  • Areas often called Dales, Hills, Moors, Fell, the Peak etc – basically areas that do not require movement over steep or rocky mountainous terrain
  • Typically such areas are enclosed by well defined  geographical or man-made boundaries.
  • These areas should typically be able to be exited by a group within 3 hours – either to a road that a standard ambulance could reach or a refuge with a telephone.

Ok – so what’s not included?

  • Areas where movement over steep or rocky ground is required.
  • Any scrambling.
  • Wild-camping.

What do Wellness Walks involve & what's expected of You?

Wellness Walks are always totally free for anyone feeling low (either mentally or physically) and they’re always led by qualified people.

As we’ve grown we’ve been asked by both participants and volunteers to expand into the hills & onto the moors – and these subsidised courses are the begging of that process.

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  1. Tell us why they should receive a subsidised place on the Hill & Moorland courses as well as free First Aid for Mental Health Training (Note; priority will be given to offering places to individuals who represent or engage specifically with groups which are under-represented in the outdoors; but applications are open to all)
  2. Commit to delivering a minimum of 4 totally free Wellness Walks in their community.
  3. Attend a First Aid for Mental Health Course with us before Assessment.

What else do I need to know?

Below are links to various documents that should give you all the information we think you need to decide if Hill & Moorland Leader is for you – but as ever – if there’s something you’d like to know that we’ve not covered then we’re happy to have a chat – use the contact us button at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Apply for a subsidised place

Subsidised course dates are:
July 26-28, N Wales

Aug 09-11, N Wales

Sept 06-08, N Wales

Oct, tbc, Lake District

Please complete the application form below – tell us why you should be offered a subsidised place -further down the page you can see the dates we currently have set for training courses – if your application is successful we’ll send you a confirmation and a code to book a place with a 50% discount.

In the box below select 1 ticket & then hit “next” – this will take you to the application form.

Hill & Moorland Leader Training Courses dates

Below are details of the training courses we currently have dates for. You can either purchase directly (place guaranteed) or get in touch if you wish to discuss anything. Please note places are not reserved until payment is received.

Please note:  You must be registered with Mountain Training to attend this course (current cost 2024, £65). You must also meet the course requirements of having logged 20 qualifying walks on to the Mountain Training site (4hr+ walk in Hill & Moorland Terrain) we’re happy to discuss & advise you on this.

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