Wellness Walks

Why Women Only Courses matter

Because someone asked. simple. When women started to get in touch with Wellness Walks and ask us if we’d put on some ‘women only’ courses, our first thought was “sure, why not!” We want as many people as possible to have the skills to get out into nature. Simple. These courses always create discussion and […]

What is Walk & Talk therapy?

“Walk & Talk?” what’s that all about then…. One of the questions I get asked most often by friends, existing and prospective clients. I do A LOT of walking – and sometimes I’ll do a lot of talking if I’m leading an engagement or training session. But increasingly over the last few years I’ve started […]

Sources of Support & Advice

We all need help from time to time… sometimes that help might be specific advice, it might be technical knowleldge or it might just be someone to listen & tell us we’re not alone. We’ve put this list together of organisations and sources of information that we know work – there are literally hundreds more […]

I had a black dog

A phrase made famous by Winston Churchill – we’ve still to find a better analogy for the dark days, the stalking nature of Depression. This World Health Organisation video strikes a chord with many people who attend our courses – so we thought we’d put a link here. https://youtu.be/XiCrniLQGYc