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Wellness Walks

We run a range of walks in the wonder of nature that are totally free to participants ~ we intend for as many people as possible to be able to benefits from safe, supported walks that leave them feeling better than they were before.

All of our walks are led by leaders who aren’t just qualified in keeping you physically safe – but are also trained to support your mental wellbeing, to facilitate conversations, listen to you & empower you. 

Can Anybody come along?

We design our walks to be as accessible as possible – some may have restrictions due to their funding or location – but many are open to all on a first come basis. We also offer programs that are targeted at specific groups or to meet an individual’s unique requirements.

Where are the walks?

Currently we offer walks in Cumbria (both inside and outside the Lake District National Park), the Yorkshire Dales, Scotland & Lancashire – but we’re currently expanding – so if we don’t yet come to your area – drop us a message & we’ll keep you informed of our plans!

The Magic of Wellness Walks

There are some things we all simply know – even if they’re easily forgotten when life is tough.

How often after a bad day do you think “I need to go for a walk” or “I need to be outside” or even “I wish I had someone to talk to about…”

Walking in nature makes our senses come alive. Talking with someone specifically trained to listen lets us actually be heard. Meeting others on their own journey lets us know we’re not alone. 

It’s been scientifically proven that engaging with others in the outdoors is hugely beneficial for our mental and physical health. Whilst our walks are not counselling sessions they are undeniably therapeutic – participants in 2022 reported feeling an average of 43.98% better after a Wellness Walk!

All of these things are part of the magic of Wellness Walks….

Find Out More...

We believe that Wellness Walks can be the first steps towards a better feeling you…have a read of the information on this site – and if you think it would work for you then book a place on one of our events.


Don't take our word for it...

The people who come on our walks all say it so much better than we can….

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"An excellent course and provider. Very knowledgeable. Boosted my confidence and ability to engage in the wellbeing activities offered by our natural countryside environment. I'd highly recommend this course and I was able to put it into practice the very next day. I now have a compass and paper map! With many thanks"
I wholeheartedly recommend Wellness Walks and Kelvyn. I recently completed the Mountain Skills course with Kelvyn and had a fab weekend. It was very timely for me after a bit of a rough patch and I felt so much better after a couple of days back out in the fells and I quite literally floated off back down the M6 on the Sunday night Being back in the mountains, engaging in some learning, exploring a new area for me and most importantly being in the most supportive and encouraging company was just what I needed. It was an absolute tonic, thank you very much, Kelvyn (and Missy)