Wellness Walks

Nature Lessons About Life

Being in Nature can teach us valuable lessons about life… One of the lessons nature shows us is that there are seasons in life. Seasons are about change. From spring, to summer… autumn to winter.Although change can be exciting, positive and an opportunity for growth like in seasons of spring and summer, it is also important to […]

Walking in the Rain

sometimes its the simple things… It’s a cold wet Friday in the depths of a British Winter – perhaps not the most appealing of days for a Wellness Walk’s Big Day Out trip to somewhere as spectacular as the Great Langdale Valley in the English Lake District, but, as  we’re going to find out, its […]

Mental Health benefits of the Great Outdoors

Headlines were made recently when GP’s on Shetland started prescribing walking in nature for patients. I suspect many readers of this blog cast a wry smile – many of us choose to work and play in Boukreev’s cathedral because it feeds our soul. As a collection of people who know the benefits of simply ‘getting […]

Get Outside to boost your Mental Health

Study after study shows that time spent outdoors is not only beneficial for our physical health but is also great for our Mental Health – a double win! The interesting thing about most of this research is that it’s not big dramatic challenges like scaling a mountain or running a marathon that work best – […]