Easy : On tracks, bridleways and well made paths – there may be some sections on roads/pavements. No significant ascent or descent.

Moderate: Mostly on paths and trails although some parts of the walk might be on rough ground. There’ll most likely be some ascent and descent and maybe some minor obstacles (which will be in the walk description) such as stepping stones or stiles.

Challenging: Significant sections of the walk might be off path. Quite possibly some steep ground, maybe some wet and boggy ground. At times we might be a long way from road access. We also use this description for our longer (6hr+ days)

Unless the description specifically says that Wellness Walks are providing transport then all walks assume that you can get to the starting point. We try, as much as is feasible, to offer walks that start from easily accessible locations.

It’s always better to have your own equipment that you are familiar with…But don’t worry if you haven’t. We can (usually) lend you a waterproof jacket and/or trousers, an umbrella, a rucksack etc – you just need to let us know when you book on to a walk.

For safety reasons we might not be able to let you come on a walk if you arrive without the basic clothing and footwear to keep you safe. All walks have a kit list – but we’re always ready to have a chat with you about what you have and what you might need.

You’ll need to bring your own food, drink and any snacks – though we quite often have some human (& doggy) treats with us. Remember we’re doing this to have fun – so there’ll be plenty of time to pause, to sit and snack, to refuel. But.. we are outdoors getting some exercise – so you might need more energy (food/snacks) that you usually would & in summer you’ll need more to drink than usual too.

We’re more than happy for you to bring your pet…BUT…it’s a group decision. We’ll usually have already checked when people book as Missy Mischief our super friendly cocker spaniel comes on a lot of our walks. However – if anyone isn’t OK with dogs then we say “no” to everyone – we hope that’s fair!

Yes – but only if they meet our booking conditions and book on to the walk (i.e. complete the questionnaire themselves). Places on our walks are usually in high demand so we restrict them to one booking per person.

Your safety – physically, emotionally and psychologically – is our paramount concern. All of our leaders are hand picked because they’re exceptionally good at what they do – so they’ll maybe alter a route to suit conditions or participants, they’ll make sure conversations are respectful and supportive, they’ll make sure you are able to go at your own pace.

The short answer is “No”. However we believe these walks are therapeutic – they’re a safe space to talk with the facilitator and the rest of the group (only if you choose to) so all walks hold to the principle of confidentiality – we ask all participants to respect this – what’s said on the walk stays on the walk.

All of our facilitators (walk leaders and specialists) are specifically trained in leadership, mental health support and first aid – many of them also hold additional specialist qualifications.

We certainly hope so – behind the scenes we’re constantly fundraising to add more areas and to put more walks on. 
Our main advise is to join our mailing list – we put new walks out to people on the list before they go onto social media or any other promotion channels.

We ask participants to fill out a before and after questionnaire (they take about 3 minutes each) – this is so we can prove to our funding partners that what we do works – it gives us the basis to ask them for more money to be able to deliver more free walks.

Reports from our walks never includes personal identifying information – unless we’ve specifically spoken to you and asked (this is only ever for items like our testimonials and case studies).

Whilst we want our events to be as accessible as possible some of them have specific criteria for which they’ve been funded (e.g. they might have to happen in a certain area) and some of them have specific requirements for the participant (e.g. our Mountain Skills sessions require you to be comfortable being out in high places for two 8-hour days).

Absolutely not!
We believe in self-declaration – if you’re feeling low then that’s all you have to say, we’re all on a continuum and you are the best person to judge how you’re feeling.

Some of our specialist sessions might be aimed at a specific issue for example long-term pain or PTSD – and then we’ll ask you to confirm that that’s applicable to you – but we do not need to have details.

However – for your safety it’s wise to tell us if you have any physical difficulties – these nearly always can be accommodated – we just might slightly alter a plan or make sure we know you’ve got your meds with you.

No – but we promise you’ll feel better if you do!

All of our facilitators are specifically trained to start supportive conversations- to make sure you get not just the chance to speak – but also to be fully heard and acknowledged. A problem shared is not a problem halved – but it is reduced – it really is good to talk.

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